Business Moving

Business Moving

Every moving-related minute costs your business money in lost productivity; as a result, our experienced movers can move your office in a flexible manner around your work hours so that you can resume operations with the least possible disruption.

Do you intend to relocate your company? Moving to a new office location is seldom without a few hassles or issues, whether it's a small, home-based firm with no employees or a huge business with many staff. But with the correct checklist, you can speed up the procedure and guarantee a successful and rewarding transfer. Here are 15 things you should do before shifting your company to a new location.

Locate a new office space.

The first thing to do is to look for a new office space. It will be up to you and your HR department to work on locating a new office space if your office isn't a home-based business. We advise giving the duty to a number of workers and asking them to look into potential venues. If no one in the firm has experience finding a new office space, think about hiring a real estate agent to help you and your company find the perfect workspace.

Think about employee convenience and location

Be sure to take your employees' demands into account as well as your own before shifting your firm. Indeed, depending on the type of organization, location may make or kill a company.

Consider location and ease for employees

Before moving your business, make sure to consider your business needs and that of your employees. After all, location can make or break a business – depending on the type of business you run. If your company relies on foot traffic or a certain demographic, then you’ll need to find a space best suited to meet those needs. It might also make sense for your business to be located near other likeminded businesses. For instance, a finance-focused business might want to consider opening an office in a city’s bustling business district. Finally, you may want to consider the needs of your employees. Is the new office space easily accessible? Is there parking available? Etc.

Coordinate a plan for moving all technical equipment

Have a plan in place for moving all technical equipment and servers. We recommend assembling a team of IT support professionals to plan out the move ahead of time. That way, they’ll be able to plan for what to move, what to get rid of and what to transfer over. In addition, your new office space may need more technical equipment (for instance, new computers, printers and copy machines). You’ll need to make sure these are ordered and scheduled for delivery once your lease begins.

Hire a reputable moving company

Have office equipment and furniture to move? You’re going to need a team of professional movers to safely transport all of your belongings. From office desks and chairs to conference room tables and large copy machines, a professional moving company should be able to handle the relocation. Make sure to obtain quotes from at least three different movers before hiring anyone. Check reviews and ratings as well.

Have any questions?

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